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Barcode General Trading LLC.


Barcode GT LLC. is a prominent business group in Dubai, UAE. The group constitutes four main companies that deal with a wide range of products and services. Some of these companies were established in early 2000.

Barcode GT LLC has always aspired to build its business on traditions that extend from the UAE's heritage and values. With operations having started early in 1997 the group has grown considerably to handle larger operations and has built a strong local and regional market share. 

Barcode GTC Business Development orchestrates growth activities across the Group. The development endeavors of the Group are guided by our vision, core values, and abilities to achieve superior business performances.

Our businesses are strategically positioned in key market sectors. Barcode GTC is a market leader in Beverages, Barcode Renewable Energy, and Barcode Deco. We invest extensively in research and development in pursuit of growth opportunities in existing and new businesses.

Our knowledge, expertise, market access, and business networks throughout the Middle East have allowed us to develop key markets for our own brands and for our international partners seeking to expand their markets in the region.

Barcode's GTC core strategy is to expand current relations with its international partners and to create new international alliances targeting profitable and growing business sectors in the Middle East.


Our Mission Statement  & Core Values

We provide an easy, simple, fast and efficient way to trade globally. 
We source anything and everything required worldwide.
We promise superior service, support and maintaining it as we grow.
We strive to be the partner of choice for our business partners, customers and employees.
We are long-term investors with a particular focus on growth and value.


Customers are our partners.
Anticipating and satisfying their needs is the foundation of our success.

Business Partners & People

We build strong and profitable relationships by working together to satisfy our mutual
We create an environment in which employees can reach their maximum potential.
We respect cultural and individual diversity.